Non-Surgical Face Lift

Microcurrent gently stimulates, tightens and strengthens the muscles of your face, literally smoothing and adding youthful volume.

• Improves Elasticity
• Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
• Lifts Jowls and Eyebrows
• Increases Collagen
• Calms Rosacea
• Reduces Acne
• Improves Muscle Tone in Face, Neck & Hands
• No Down Time

A microcurrent treatment plan initially requires a series of sessions (timing depends on your needs) to create and *hold* your result. The actual number of series visits will depend on a number of factors. Results are cumulative over time. Once we have the result we are looking for, a maintenance plan is determined to keep your facial muscles in shape and maintain your result. This can be once a month for some and twice a month for others depending on age and skin condition.

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